Bilgi Food and Stockbreeding Company was officially started at the helm of Murat Ülkü KARAKUŞ, agricultural engineer, in 1996. Our company, which is based in Ankara, operates mainly in the field of provision of raw material and agricultural products needed by the animal feed sector. The company carries out its commercial practice with the principal of meeting the needs of the sector at the highest quality and in the most economic way. Bilgi Food and Stockbreeding Company has become a major and respectable brand in its field and proudly shares its up to date knowledge and experience with food, animal feed, stockbreeding, agriculture and other sub sectors. Our company will always act as a guide with its experienced employees.

We started broiler breeding at a small farm at Elmadağ and carried on with a modern facility established on a land of 50.000 m² in Gölbaşı and we reached 250.000 slaughters per period. In the broiler area our objective is again doing the best and contributing to the sector and our country’s economy.

We serve to the production wing of the animal feed sector with our feed factory located in Temelli. We use the knowledge and experiences of Mr. Murat Ülkü Karakuş – our CEO and the Head of the Animal Feed Industrialists Union, during the production phase for the sake of diversity and maximum benefit in animal feed. We keep producing with sound steps with the principal of pioneering innovations in a constantly developing sector. We are aware that the animal feed is the most basic food and do whatever is needed to make sure that the foundation is solid.

Additionally we use our own tankers in order to provide a good service in transportation. We will carry on assuring our customers with our tankers manufactured in line with the needs of the sector in design and hygiene.